Application Note: Mobile Based Attendance Marking

Feature:  Attendance on Move (AOM)

About the feature

Attendance on Move, a feature of COSEC APTA – the mobile application of Matrix COSEC for employees, facilitates automatic attendance marking of the user.

Attendance on Move (AOM)

How it works

This feature works on the GPS coordinates or Wi-Fi signals received from the respective employee’s mobile device. The HR/Admin will be required to pre-define a location and save it in the Location Master of COSEC Web. As a result, whenever the user enters/exits the pre-defined location, his or her attendance gets automatically marked. 

Steps to allow ESS users to facilitate this feature:


1. Open Users from COSEC Web and Create a New User

2. Go to ESS Settings Mark in Enable Account, Punch Marking via ESS, and Location Mandatory for Punch Options.

3.  Mark Auto Attendance Marking and Select Auto Authorize IMEI Registration options and type in the Mobile Identification number (IMEI) of the device to be configured with ESS.

4. Go to Admin → System Configuration → Location Master → Specify the details of a particular location to be used for attendance marking, along with the location radius. Clicking on the pin icon, a Google Map of the selected location can be viewed. Save the configurations once done.

5.  As soon as the user reaches the workplace and starts COSEC APTA on the mobile, his or her attendance will automatically be submitted (location service in mobile should be turned ON).

6. If the user leaves the location, COSEC APTA will mark it as an offline punch. Next time as soon as the device connects to the internet, offline punches will be sent to the server.

Application This feature can be used to address the following issues faced by HR/admin and employees:

Missed Punches

Many a times, it may so happen that an employee misses out on punching and marking his attendance. In such cases, this feature can prove to be a great solution. Instead of having to apply for attendance correction, the employee can make use of this feature and have his or her attendance automatically marked upon entering a pre-defined location. 

Attendance of Field Employees

For employees working in the field, attendance marking is a major issue. For them, coming and marking their attendance at the office every day is quite a cumbersome task. The Attendance on Move feature can prove to be a perfect solution for the field employees of an organization. With this feature in place, field employees can have the location that they would be visiting pre-defined in the system for automatic attendance marking. 

Credentials not Identified

At times employees may face difficulties if the punching device does not read and identify their credentials. This may especially occur in places like construction sites or manufacturing units. In order to avoid such events, employees can make use of the Attendance on Move feature. 

Long Queues

In many organizations employees working the same shift often have to wait in long queues for punching on the attendance marking device. When such events start occurring on a regular basis, it tends to affect employee morale and in turn their productivity. In order to deal with this issue, HR can have employees use this feature of the COSEC APTA application. With this feature, employees’ attendance gets automatically marked upon entering/exiting the office premises, in turn maintaining employees’ morale and boosting their productivity. 


This feature benefits in following ways:

  • Increases Productivity of Employees and HR
  • Less Time Spent after Trivial Tasks such as Attendance Corrections
  • Improves Employee Morale

Target Audience

  • BFSI Industry: Employees working in the field, such as sales executives, insurance agents, etc.
  • Organizations with Field Employees: Organizations such as FMCG, white goods and pharmaceutical that have employees working in the field.
  • Manufacturing and infrastructure sites that have numerous employees during a shift.
  • Corporate Segment and IT/ITES where attendance marking device installation is to be avoided.
  • For the staff of Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, etc.

Products Required:

  • COSEC CENTRA (Application Platform)
  • COSEC TAM (Time-Attendance License)
  • COSEC ESS (Employee Self Service License)
  • COSEC APTA (Mobile Application of COSEC to be Installed through Play Store/App Store)