Internet Users In India To Surpass 500 Mn By June 2018

Internet Users In India

The number of Internet users in the country is expected to reach 500 million by June 2018, a joint survey by IMAI-Kantar IMRB showed. India was estimated to have 481 million Internet users in December 2017, a growth of 11.34 per cent over December 2016 figures. According to the report, as on December 2017, the overall Internet penetration is 35 per cent of total population.

“The number of Internet users is expected to reach 500 million by June 2018,” the report Internet in India 2017 released after a joint survey conducted in 170 cities and 750 villages by the Internet and Mobile Association of India and Kantar IMRB. There were 362.87 million broadband subscribers in the country at the end of December 2017, as per recent data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). According to the findings of the report, urban India witnessed a growth of 9.66 per cent from December 2016 and is presently estimated to have around 295 million Internet users as on December 2017.

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