Government Plans Education Channel With Video Lessons On New Concepts

Education Channel

The school education department in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Limited (TACTV) is expected to launch a new channel on January 15 to improve the academic knowledge of the students and inculcate moral values. Named ‘Education Channel’, it will be available on the channel number 200. A source involved in the project said, “We are planning to air programmes round-the-clock. To start with, programmes would be aired only 8 to 10 hours for two to three months from the day of launch. The department has packages in hand for 3,000 hours which is more than sufficient to telecast without interruptions. Work to schedule programmes are under process.”

Videos lessons – mostly for newly introduced concepts and difficult lessons – which practically explain the concepts of academic syllabus would be aired along with short videos on moral values. Videos to educate students about traditional games, Yoga and Thirukkural would also be aired, the source said. As talents found in government school students and teachers remain hidden, teachers who had adopted innovative methods n their schools and students with real talent would be featured in the channel. Live classes would also be taken for students preparing for competitive examinations like NEET and CA, the source said, adding that awareness would also be created about important announcements, government schemes and scholarship programmes. “90% of the programmes would be aired in Tamil and a program is designed to train the students in English language,” the source added.

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