For TV Viewers The Simple Way Of Selecting TV Channels Under New Tariff Framework


The new regulatory framework for Broadcasting and Cable services has been implemented with effect from 29th December, 2018. However, keeping in view customers convenience to select TV channels of their own choice and need to give them sufficient time, TRAI has given time till 31st January, 2019.

To make the migration of the customers to the new regime, easy and convenient, the TRAI has directed service providers to inform the customers using all available channels of communications such as call centers, website, web portal, advertisement and e-mail etc. and take necessary action in this regard. Under the new framework, the selection of channels and the consequent expenses to be borne depends solely on the choice exercised by customers. Any Subscriber / TV Viewers can select the channel of his/her choice by following simple steps as given here under:-

Simple way of selecting TV channels 

  • Switch on your TV and start viewing all the channels one by one.
  • Note down the number and name of the channels which you want to see on a regular basis. You will find that many channels were neither requested by you nor been ever viewed by you. Do not include such channels in your list.
  • Send the list of selected channels to service providers using their website, app, call center or through cable operator immediately today itself.
  • Customer can add any channel any time and delete any channel from the list of the selected channel on monthly basis or at the end of Subscription period. It is desirable that only those channels should be selected which are seen by the customer or the family members.Whenever customer wants to add, delete or change the list of selected channels, then the same can be done easily,
  • TV service providers are giving the price of pay channels on Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Consolidated information of all pay channels and bouquets being offered is given on TV channel 999, in accordance with the rules.
  • Under the new regulatory framework customers are free to select TV channels of their choice. Under the old system, customer was fully dependent on the service provider for the same.
  • In the new framework, the customers will see what has selected and will pay only for the channels it has been selected by him/her.
  • In the new framework, the total monthly bill of the customer will be under his/her control and likely to get reduced.
  • The customer can confirm the maximum payable amount for the selected channels using web-portal
  • All bouquets of channels made as per old regulatory framework before1st February 2019 will cease to exist in new framework. Consumers have to choose the channels of their choice. No old package can be  afforded by service provider under the new framework.
  • You are requested not to fall prey to rumors and misinformation in this regard and immediately inform your DTH/ MSO/ Cable Operators about your selected channels.

For any information or clarification, following TRAI officers may be contacted:-

  1. 1. Shri Arvind Kumar, Advisor (B&CS),Tel. 011-23664103
  2. 2. Shri Anil Bhardwaj, Advisor (B&CS),Tel. 011-23664410

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