Hikyision Partners With Videonetics

Hikvision has announced technology partnership with Videonetics, a world-leading visual computing platform development company. The partnership includes integration of Hikvision network cameras with Videonetics’ Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS), which will enable customers to view, record and analyse Hikvision H.265+ compressed video streams from Hikvision network cameras, both in real-time preview and playback. Customers will also benefit from reduced cost…

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Airports To Have Security Clearance By Face

You may not need boarding passes to check in on flights anymore. Soon, many airports will do away with the boarding pass and passengers can get security clearance by simply looking into a camera. The airports will have automated facial recognition systems as part of the passenger boarding process. The process, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digi Yatra initiative, will…

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Security Economics: The Key to Resilience


There are times when looking at something narrowly can be more effective than taking a wider and more comprehensive view. If you don’t believe me, consider the experience of looking at organisms in a microscope or watching a bird through binoculars. Distractions are minimized, allowing optimal evaluation and analysis of what’s under investigation. In security, the normative way that we…

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Facebook To Bring More Security Options

facebook security

You’ll soon have more options for staying secure on Facebook with two-factor authentication. Facebook is simplifying the process for two-factor verification on its platform so you won’t have to give the company your phone number just to bring additional security to your device. The company announced that it is adding support for third-party authentication apps like Duo Security and Google…

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