Samsung Begins Mass Production of 5G Chips, Modem

5G Chips Modem

Samsung 5G chipsets include “Exynos Modem 5100” as well as a new single-chip radio frequency transceiver “the Exynos RF 5500”, and supply modulator solution, “the Exynos SM 5800” — supporting technologies that provide mobile manufacturers with optimum network communication solutions for the 5G era. Though Samsung did not disclose the price, it is expected to cost around KRW 1.5 million…

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How to Use an EVM? Lok Sabha Elections Guide 2019


An Electronic Voting Machine or an EVM is an essential part of Indian democracy. The EVM allows the voter to cast their choice or choose the NOTA option. To make an informed choice, every voter must know how an EVM works. An EVM Machine demands basic knowledge of identifying the desired political party’s symbol and the local candidate representing it.…

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Fiio BTR1K Portable Bluetooth Amplifier Launched in India

Fiio BTR1K Portable Bluetooth Amplifier

Fiio has launched the new BTR1K portable Bluetooth amplifier in India, at a price of Rs. 3,890. The BTR1K is an updated version of the BTR1, and comes with added features and capabilities. The portable Bluetooth amplifier allows users to add Bluetooth capabilities to normal 3.5mm wired headphones, which is particularly useful with smartphones that don’t sport the 3.5mm audio…

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