“The End” of Kapil Sharma Show ?

Comedy king Kapil Sharma has been making news for all the wrong reasons. After his infamous spat with team member and fellow comedian Sunil Grover, reports have emerged claiming that The Kapil Sharma Show might not be renewed for another season.

The show is supposed to be renewed next month with a Rs 106 crore deal, but ‘this’ might not happen, according to a report.

After Kapil and Sunil’s fight was made public, comedians Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar also boycotted the show, apparently claiming that they too had been abused by the host of the show.

The channel (Sony Entertainment Television) is not at all happy with the way things are, and is considering to take the show off air, suggests the same report.

“Kapil had to cancel shoots as he couldn’t get big celebs as guests. He has, in fact, left for Bikaner to shoot for his film, Phirangi, and will return to Mumbai on March 29,” 

“Sunil won’t return to the show even if given a big pay hike. He has several other offers. He just wants this phase to get over,” the source added.  

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