Sony PSA Formed Sony Media Solutions

Sony Professional Solutions

Sony Professional Solutions Americas (PSA) has announced the formation of Sony Media Solutions, which combines many of the company’s technology resources designed to help media customers maximize, and monetize, content distribution, as well as drive efficiencies at every stage of the media production lifecycle—from content acquisition to distribution to archive.

John Studdert, vice president of the new group, characterized the development of the division as a response to media companies’ increased acceptance—over the past 12 months—of using the public cloud to store, manage and distribute media. “Almost every large media company now is using the public cloud for their content,” he said, during a press conference. “Acceptance has skyrocketed.” Studdert adds that the main impetus for this acceptance is that concerns over security have lessened. In addition, Sony has realized that its customers are looking for a “one stop shop” in a software as a service (SaaS) environment, according to Studdert. “Our customers were looking for solutions that went beyond a single problem across the entire enterprise,” he said.

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