Exclusive Interview


Neeraj Bharara, Director, Aggressive Digital Systems Pvt Ltd

1. Can you share with us that what new project is your company doing now days?

Right now, we have a range of new products which includes DVB-S2 + OTT Real Hybrid Set Top Box, DVB-C HD + OTT Hybrid Box (Real/Semi) and other home network products.

2. What new products / services is your company planning to launch? And why do you think customers would opt for your products over your competitor’s products?

IPTV, Android STB, Satellite STBs… These are the ready to launch products of Aggressive Digital. In the Phase IV of digitization, there are majorly two target customers – Advanced Users or The Users in Rural areas. The IPTV and Android STB is the new face of digital TV and targets mainly digitally advanced subscribers. On the other hand, our Satellite TV solution is intended mainly for the rural customer points where it is difficult to serve through traditional RF cables. And our existing product range of DVB-C MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD and HD Set Top Boxes, we are already fulfilling the demand of the Phase I to Phase III customers. Being a fully feature packed STB provider, we definitely have an edge over our competitors.

3. How do you see India’s cable television’s journey from analogue to digital?

India is a country of 125 Crore population and so huge is its television industry. It has been a long & bouncy ride from analogue to digital. But after all the hardships, things are looking positive and we are on the last leg of digitization and the future of the media and entertainment industry will certainly achieve new high after the digitization is done.

4. What role do you see of your company in the Digital India & Make in India initiative & how do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity?

Aggressive Digital Systems is a Joint Venture between Aggressive Electronics Media Services and Sand Martin Technology, Taiwan. One of the promoters, SMT is a well renowned entity in digital market for more than two decades and it is their vast experience and our locally manufactured technology which is playing a prominent role in converting India’s Cable Television Industry from Analog to Digital and thus promoting “Digital India” campaign. Aggressive Digital Systems is one of the very few STB companies that have taken the “Make in India” initiative at hearts which reflects in our products as well as all our products are locally manufactured and assembled.

5. As you are already aware that India is considered one of the Largest Television market in the world? How do you plan to tap this great potential of the ever-growing market?

Yes, India is amongst the top three Television Subscribers in the world and the subscriber rate is ever growing. We have a number of products for each segment of subscribers in the pipeline which will ensure that we bring television media & entertainment to every household.

6. As we are all aware that the deadline for Phase 4 of Cable TV Digitization is 31st December 2016. What is your say on this? What do you think will be the scenario of the industry post the deadline?

There is a huge requirement of hardware as we are approaching the deadline for Phase IV. But due to non-clarity in the implementation of Phase III, the government needs to be a little lenient on the deadline to allow the market to settle down by itself to avoid the Phase III like chaos. Phase IV is the most crucial stage of digitization as once the analogue is switched off completely, government should make sure that the hardware is installed in the phased manner.

7. How do you see the overall growth of set top box business in India?

There is a significant growth of Set Top Box Business as it is a technical product and technology changes rapidly with time. As this is a revenue source for MSOs and LCOs, they need to keep upgrading themselves with latest technology and keep up with the fast changing industry. And that is why we also need to keep up the Set Top Box technology at par, hence providing an everlasting steep growth.

8. Is your company also planning to launch 4k set top box?

Yes, 4K boxes are under development at our R&D Centre at Taiwan. Once the R&D Team approves the model, 4K Ultra HD STB will also be manufactured and assembled locally under “Make in India” scheme and will be there in our product catalogue.

9. What attracted you to this industry?

This industry was mainly dependent upon China from software to hardware. With the government’s initiative of “Make in India” and “Digital India” campaign, I thought it was a good opportunity to pay back to the country and contribute technically advanced product that is made in China but Locally Manufactured.

10. What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently?

The major challenge is the unorganized nature of the industry, the rigid mindset of the end-user and the unwillingness of the LCOs to accept the change. We already saw the failure of phase III due to the same reason. This transformation is taking a lot of time and it is important that the people adopt these technical advances willingly. The government also needs to have a proper organized policy and plan to formulate and implementation the digitization.

11. You are a well known name in the industry what would be your advice / suggestion to the youth of our nation & also to the industry in general?

Thank you for the appreciation but I still have far greater distances to cover and far bigger goals to achieve. I am grateful to the industry for welcoming me with open arms and giving me an equal opportunity to grow and do my bit for the nation.

India, today, is the biggest buyer of the digital products. My advice to the youth and also to the industry is that rather than buying the technology why we can’t be the producers and suppliers of technology and products. We have the best minds and perfect atmosphere due to the government policies like “Digital India” and “Make in India”. There is a huge demand of products like mobiles, television, Internet Technology etc in our country. We must do something by which we can turn the import into export revenues. This can be done by promoting enough manufacturing, supporting the start-ups and maintaining a mandatory R&D wing. The policies and plans should be made in such a way that our economy & market benefits from it the most so that the overall growth of the country touches Zenith.