Exclusive Interview


Dave Jackson, President, PPC Broadband Inc, USA (A Belden Brand)

1.  What New project is PPC Broadband doing now days?

PPC Broadband is focused on the delivery of innovative solutions that enable technology within the telecommunications space. Our connectivity solutions span from HFC and Fiber rich networks to DTH Satellite as well. PPC Broadband has invested in research and development of fiber solutions that complement the core RF solutions we are known for. While future solutions remain somewhat confidential I can assure you that the products within the last 100 meters complement the service delivery with optimal operational efficiency and performance for the future service needs.

2. What Latest / New Products  / Services is PPC planning to offer / launch for its customers this year? And why do you think that your customers would opt for PPC products instead of other competitors?

Our core principles are to enhance the Quality of Experience of subscribers by deploying products and services targeted to enable advanced digital services. Enhanced coaxial cable shielding effectiveness and continuity connectivity products are key to the next wave of service delivery. Reduced service calls and a better quality of experience are again key to the operator’s success. When combined with our unique training programs and engineering support, the value we provide to our customers is unique in the industry and keeps us ahead of competitors.

3. What role do you see of PPC in the “Digital India” &  “Make in India”initiative of Govt. of India ? & How Do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity

We believe that we can have greatest impact in the Digital India program by offering not just products, but expertise and innovation for both the Digital Infrastructure sector and the Digital Empowerment of Citizens sector.   We have over 50 years of experience in the evolution of the US digital markets, as well as in other markets around the world, working with municipal governments and private companies to provide the best solutions for the delivery of services to the end users.  Our products support both fiber and coax installations and our engineers have worked extensively in both green field and brown field projects.  Our specialty is bringing the network the “last mile” to the consumer – and we are currently deeply involved in working through the logistics of connectivity.  With the density and volume of most projects in India – we see this as a natural fit for our particular interest in the science of enhancing the delivery digital services to the consumer.

4. With the coming up of smart city projects, what growth will it give to your company ?

It is well known that network speeds and capacity are critical for the growth of “smart city” projects and of 1 Gbs service to businesses and residences.  It has been our experience that increases of network speeds and capacity, as well as the introduction of new services, cannot be managed without special attention being paid to the “last mile” where the connection from the network to the customer must be made.  If left untouched, this segment will become a bottleneck that can throttle the best designed networks.  Each smart city will require a specific attention paid to the area where PPC is the acknowledged world leader.  Smart cities require smart connections – and PPC will be the right partner for those connections.

5. How do you see the overall growth of Cable Business in India?

India is an exciting market: the middle class is growing, demand for capacity is high, and the country is already seeing broadcasts in Ultra-HD. This is a market on the verge of a significant growth phase.TV penetration in India is 60 per cent, much lower than in some countries where it is greater than 90 per cent. There is a high potential to increase the number of TV households in India. We believe Direct to Home customers will grow to 64 million in 2018 while digital cable subscribers’ would go up to 90 million from 85 million in 2017.  We support both of these markets.  This is of course dependent on many factors that are unpredictable, but even with temporary setbacks it is obvious that there is a tremendous upside waiting to happen.  We plan to be able to help bring that about.

6. Can the New technologies change the face of Wired Communications?

When international telecommunications standard Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 3.1 was initiated in late 2013, it targeted greater capacity and increased speed for HFC Broadband networks, while remaining compatible with earlier technologies. Delivering DOCSIS services, whether it is 64 QAM upstream (3.0) or orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) 1024 (3.1), is often possible with minimal investment and network changes.

The economic benefits of fiber optic cable are well known. Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) can boost economic development, spark innovation and transform the way people work and live. The challenges of the last drop in any FTTP deployment can be made up of any combination of issues like the various technical options available, landscape and environment realities, regulatory issues, customer inconvenience, and of course, costs.

PPCoffers a range of pushable fiber cable and duct products that allow companies to address last drop challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

7. What Connectivity Solutions  Does PPC offer for AV & Security markets ?

PPC provides complete connectivity solutions for the AV & Security markets. Our connectors, coupled with drop cable and ancillary products are all designed specifically to maximize signal integrity and ensure quality while providing customers with unparalleled end-to-end performance.

Our product offering includes traditional audio and video, networking for fiber optic cable and connectivity. Whether integrating analog, digital, fiber transport, or IP-based systems, PPC can offer a solution for your installation needs. Our products are designed to support communications protocols like HDBaseT, HDMI, and IEEE AVB. 

8. What is Your say on the Phase 4 of Digitization?

PPC has made it our business to provide solutions for satellite and cable operators to provide up to and over 1 Gbs, indeed this is now a standard feature of our portfolio.  Although the Phase 4 markets remain fragmented – there are economic solutions available and we have experience in working with “niche” installations.  Converting analog customers to digital requires significant infrastructure and we are well versed in walking customers through the processes of this conversion.

9. What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently ?

OTT (“over the top” content)competition spurring operational inefficiencies, co-existing technologies that could interfere with one another, regulatory authorities.infrastructure investments, and technology selection.

10. Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

I have always worked best in conjunction with dedicated, smart, and innovative people.  At PPC we have a tremendous management team, as well as some of the best engineers in the world.  In addition, our customer service and training programs are implemented by forward-thinking, responsive teams.  It is my honor to be able to work with such talent.

11. You Are a Renowned & well known Personality ? What is Your Advice to the industry ?

I would suggest that VALUE become a bigger part of the technology discussions going on in the industry.  There is sometimes a tendency to focus on one specific technology or technological feature and to ignore the business and network contexts in which these technologies must function.  The overall value created for the consumer, the operator, and the localities is the most important factor in planning – as opposed to focusing on one specific technology or solution.  Be prepared to work with many different solutions within one single project.