JPR Digital And Secure TV Announce The Launch Of A Complete OTT System

JPR Digital and Secure TV announce the launch of a complete OTT system at JPR Digital, Mumbai India.  JPR launched an HD OTT service with 50 High Definition live-TV channels using Secure TV’s end-to-end system.  The Secure TV OTT systems includes high-quality and high density HD/UHD video transcoding, efficient OTT streaming to tens of thousands of subscribers, DRM, Subscriber Management, and Android and iOS applications that include Secure TVs secure video player.

Mr. Raja MD of JPR added “ We are very happy to announce the HD OTT service to our customers on such an auspicious day which provides enhanced multi-screen entertainment for our customers. We are very happy to be associated with Secure Tv as our technology partner”.

“We are very proud to have been selected by JPR for their end-to-end OTT system.  JPR’s requirements for image quality and system performance are extremely high” states Bob Kulakowski CEO of Secure TV.  “Working with Mr. Jitin Rao of JPR and his technical team has help Secure TV understand and meet JPR’s demanding expectations, which are applicable to the needs of the Indian market.  Working with Mr. Raja the Managing Director of JPR has given us tremendous insight into the Indian marketplace and we look forward to expanding our market presence with an OTT system with a cost effective solution for the Indian market” states Bob.  Secure TV with the guidance of JPR has optimized its OTT and IPTV products for all market tiers in the Indian market, from the tier one market with demanding image quality and system requirements, to the tier three and four markets requiring an affordable high quality scalable system.

Bob further states “Deploy our end-to-end OTT system on JPRs world class network is very exciting and working with the JPR team is extremely rewarding”.  JPR is the first Secure TV customer to launch Secure TVs OTT system in India.  Secure TV has been in the Indian marketplace for 16 months and has 43 cable MSO’s using it UltraCAS solution for DVB systems upgradeable to support OTT and IPTV services.

According to Mr. Jitin Rao “When JPR started looking for vendors to help with OTT deployment, we came across hordes of vendors ready to provide a solution. Most vendors were working in isolation viz. they did not have an end-to-end solution. So we would have had to buy say OTT Transcoder from some other vendor, the middleware and App from some other vendor and the DRM, Packager and Streamer from some other vendor. The solution in itself was working out to be prohibitively expensive, which made deployment of OTT a non-viable business model. We are staunch believers in Hardware based Transcoder solution vis-à-vis software based sitting on COTS server. Primarily this thinking comes from our experience in headend systems where COTS server BTU and Power consumption is phenomenally higher when compared to a FPGA based solution with the same functionality. Driven by this thinking we came across Secure TV’s innovative end-to-end solution, which provides all the components required for launching OTT from a single stop shop. The solution had an innovative FPGA type Transcoder hardware with very low BTU and power consumption at a cost, which makes it feasible for us to deploy the solution for our customers. Robert Kulakowski’s innovative and out of the box thinking is what hooked us to their solution and we have been working together for the last 6 months in hardening the solution to meet our stringent QoE and QoS requirements. Today we launch our solution to our Customers”.