BBC Joins With UNICEF For Making Gender Related Program

‘Full On Nikki’, a unique youth show with a special focus on gender issues among young adults and adolescents, has commenced broadcast on Panjab University (PU)’s community radio Radio Jyotirgamaya 91.2MHz and 24 other CRS in different parts of the country. Though created and developed by BBC Media Action in partnership with United Nation’s Chukdreb’s Fund (UNICEF), it will include local programming created and developed by Radio Jyotirgamaya.

The inaugural episode on the theme ‘The Voice and Silence’ had the participants express various concerns regarding voice and silence for the youth. This is the first international collaboration for the Panjab University Community Radio and will be broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 pm on Radio Jyotirgamaya 91.2 Mhz with repeats on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the same time. Out of 193 Community Radio stations running in India, PU’s Radio Jyotirgamaya 91.2 Mhz is among the 25 Community Radio stations that have been chosen under the international collaboration to broadcast the show, she added.

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