Facebook To Increase The Usage Of Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Inc. has hired more than 150 counter terrorism experts and is increasingly using artificial intelligence that can understand language and analyze images to try to keep terrorists from using the social network for recruiting and propaganda. Monika Bickert, director of global policy management, and Brian Fishman, counter terrorism policy manager, outlined aspects of Facebook’s latest efforts in a post to a new blog the company debuted. The blog, called “Hard Questions,” will address philosophical debates about the role of social media in society, from what should happen to a person’s digital history after they die to whether social media is good for democracy. The first post addresses how the company responds to the spread of terrorism online.

The move comes as Facebook is being hounded by governments to do more to combat terrorism. Following attacks in London and Manchester in the past four months, UK Prime Minister Theresa May pressed other leaders from the Group of Seven nations to consider further regulation of social media companies to compel them to take additional steps against extremist content.

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