Radio Indigo Launched New Service At UB City

Radio Indigo

Radio Indigo has been in the limelight for executing out of the box concepts. This time, the station planned on making the shopping experience exciting than ever before with Luxury mall UB City. Radio Indigo and UB City announced their partnership in Bengaluru with the launch of exclusive radio services (RAAS) at the mall. It is the first time that a private radio station will be engaged to play curated music at UB City, Bengaluru’s most premium shopping destination.

RAAS or ‘Radio As  A Service’ is a premium service offered by Radio Indigo that brings music and engaging content to music enthusiasts at premium locations across the country. The radio station had earlier launched radio services at airports in Chandigarh and Goa. With the objective of enhancing customers’ shopping experience, the mall radio will play music that is mood mapped to the time of the day. Speaking on the occasion, Radio Indigo CEO Satyanarayana Murthy said, “Having launched ‘Radio As A Service’ across airports in the country, we were keen to enhance shopper experiences too. Partnering with a premier shopping destination like UB City has brought us a step closer in this endeavour. We are excited to have UB City as the first shopping destination to avail our services and are confident that shoppers will enjoy our handpicked international music.”

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