TRAI Tariff Regime to Affect Channel Viewership, Cable TV Repair Rates & More

Channel Viewership

The new tariff regime rolled out by TRAI last year has affected other areas like channel viewership, flexibility for smaller cable operators, cable TV repair rules and more.

The subscribers have been in a divide while discussing the pros and cons of the new TRAI tariff regime. While some believe that it has increased the subscription prices, others think that the price that they are paying for transparency is totally justified. However, the pricing isn’t the only thing that the new TRAI tariff regime has changed. There are many more facets of this new implementation which are being overlooked by the public. Although these might not show an effect instantly after the implementation of the new rules, in the long term they are bound to affect the TV industry. Here are the five ways that the TV industry has been affected by the new TRAI tariff regime apart from the pricing.

Justified Channel Pricing for Cable Operators of All Sizes

While consumers are at the end of the TV-industry chain, the new rule has certainly tweaked things for the small cable operators as well. Now there might be a mixed reaction to this statement in different locations across the country, but the transparent pricing of channels now ensures that a small cable operator based out of a tier-2 city will pay the same price for the channel to the broadcaster as a prominent DTH provider based out of a metro city. Previously, this was not the case as big players used to enjoy discounted rates from the broadcasters while cable operators were denied such flexible prices thus cutting down their margins, and pushing them further down on the business front.

Change in Viewership of Channels

The change in the viewership pie of channels was undoubtedly surprising news for the industry. Because the consumers were forcibly made to reconsider their channel choices after the new TRAI tariff regime, they opted for prioritising the FTA channels over the pay channels thus increased viewership for these free channels. To reduce their monthly subscription, subscribers chose free channels first and then made their pay channels selection based on pure need. Whereas, FTA channels enjoyed extra attention in this regard as their viewership increased from 21% to 26% in the past few weeks.

Cable TV Repair Rules, Installation Prices and More

TRAI has also tightened the Cable TV repair rules along with introducing new pricing mandate for the channels. The regulator has ensured the consumers that if they face a faulty connection, they shoulder register the complaint and the DTH operator should resolve the same within 72 hours. In case that does not happen, the consumer need not pay for the service. Also, TRAI has capped the installation and activation charge for new DTH subscribers at Rs 500. If a representative of the company visits your home, then you won’t be required to pay more than Rs 200, mandated TRAI.

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