FTA Channels Likely to Get More Viewership Than Paid Regional Channels Under New TRAI Mandate

FTA Channels

Over the last few years in India, regional content viewership has seen a massive rise with consumers attracted to their televisions. Broadcasters are also upping the ante with every passing day to air the content which will attract the users and glue them to their TVs. There are some popular channels across all the regional channels, but it’s said that…

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TRAI Tariff Regime: TV Viewers May Narrow Down Their Choices in Pay Channels

TV Viewer

In the past few years, the regional broadcasting industry has grown manifold in India. Besides the popular languages like Hindi, other channels which broadcast content in regional languages have seen massive growth in the last few years. With more and more investment in these channels, the content quality has also gone up a notch. However, with the latest Telecom Regulatory…

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