Airtel Launches Wynk Tube Audio, Video Streaming App, Allows Users to Browse Content in Vernacular Languages

Wynk Music app

Bharti Airtel has been growing its content offerings like never before as the demand for these applications continues to improve. The Wynk Music app from Airtel has been a very successful one in the market and to top up the success of this OTT application, now Airtel has introduced a new content based application called the ‘Wynk Tube’, a new music streaming app which has been launched keeping in mind the need of the next 200 million smartphone users.

Wynk Tube to Combine Video and Audio for Listeners

The app has been designed and built by Airtel’s in-house team, and it aims to simplify content offering for hundreds of millions of smartphone users especially in the tier-2 and tier-3 villages. Airtel has noted that the customers in this market segment have an affinity to stream the video of their favourite music tracks as they listen to these songs. Therefore, they would like to have the convenience of being able to listen to and watch their favourite music tracks. Airtel has also talked about the need for an interface in vernacular languages which would make the application much more personalised and easy to use for these subscribers. Airtel has noted that it has deployed a smart, intuitive and straightforward interface backed by a robust machine learning algorithm which will generate recommendations for a more personalised touch while streaming music.

Airtel Wynk Tube Features and Other Details

The Wynk Tube application from Airtel, which is like an extension of Wynk Music allows users to stream both audio and video of music tracks. Users will be able to instantly switch between audio and video of the songs with a single tap. Airtel has also said that the app is already live for Android users.

Detailing the features of this application, Airtel informed that the application is very light and comes in a small 5MB package thus making it suitable for any Android smartphone and even the Android Go variants. The application will also be available in 12 regional languages which would include Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri in addition to Hindi and English.

Some of the other features of Wynk Tube as detailed by Airtel include zero subscription charge for Airtel users with unlimited streaming and downloads, auto-pull feature for MP3 files stored on the smartphone to integrate into playlists and one-touch play feature.

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