OnePlus 6T Review: Still the Best Phone Under Rs 40,000

OnePlus 6T Review

The OnePlus 6T was launched five months ago in the Indian smartphone market. The Chinese OEM’s top of the line phone currently remains the OnePlus 6T, and although it has already been five months since the launch of this phone, it manages to stand ahead of other recently launched devices which are happening currently in the sub Rs 40,000 segment. Here are some specifications given below of this best smartphone.


The first and foremost thing that clicked on our minds while talking about the OnePlus 6T was its performance with large resource demanding games like PUBG Mobile or even day-to-day tasks. However, to the delight of all OnePlus users, the OnePlus 6T is the kind of phone which makes gaming a breeze on it. It’s possibly the best Android phone to play PUBG Mobile right now- the AMOLED screen and the lag-free experience adds up for a great experience. And on the other side, we have OxygenOS which is optimised so perfectly and OnePlus is rolling out monthly security updates on time as well.


The OnePlus 6T simply cannot be dismissed without talking about the camera. Even after five months of usage, the device remains undefeated in this price range when it comes to having a quality imaging setup. It doesn’t offer cameras as good as the ones present on the Google Pixel 3 or the Samsung Galaxy S10+, but it does pack a punch when compared to the sub-Rs 40,000 smartphones. Also, we have installed the Google Camera APK on our OnePlus 6T which delivered better performance than the stock camera app. The best part is the NightShift mode has been ported successfully to the OnePlus 6T, meaning you’ll be able to shoot better images in low-light situations.


A Dash Charger in its box accompanies OnePlus 6T, and it is one of the benefits which simply comes with this device. The Dash Charger makes the battery go from 30% to 90% in a matter of 40 minutes. The 30W Warp Charger which we get with the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is a step ahead of the standard Dash Charger and charges the device even faster.

OxygenOS is OnePlus 6T’s Major Advantage

Overall, there is no doubt about the prowess of the OnePlus 6T, but some of the other mentions which we feel are noteworthy for OnePlus 6T include the extremely optimised OxygenOS which is undoubtedly the best custom UI available for Android in the market right now. During our usage, we found that the UI was a breeze no matter what you demanded out of it. The OnePlus 6T runs Android 9 Pie based OxygenOS 9 out of the box and it’s one of the feature-rich Android skins out there.

With these features still shining on the crown of OnePlus 6T, it is safe to say that the phone remains one of the best buys under the Rs 40,000 price segment.

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