Secret of Xiaomi

The Mi ecosystem in India is increasing its value day by day and is more than just about value driven smartphones. The Air Purifier is one of the first range of products designed by Xiaomi’s one of the ecosystem companies. Companies like Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Blueair, Ereka Forbes, Kent, Smart Air have already launched their air purifiers realising the need of the product in a country like India where the cities are loaded with filth and pollution. So, Xiaomi might not be the first to design air purifiers but they definitely maintained their innovation by launching a smart, Wifi connected and app controlled air purifier just for Rs.9,999. This cost is less than the 3rd type of smart air purifier available in the market and still significantly cheaper than basic single filter air purified from brands like Philips.

“This is the beginning of the smart home strategy for India. Something we have been focused on in China for a long time. This goes back to our philosophy — to make innovation available to everyone. That means cool products, manufactured at a very large scale and made affordable. We want to change the consumer electronics industry. It’s poised to be changed again and we’re poised to be the guys to effect that change. We’ve achieved scale in the smartphone market and this gives us strength to explore.“ According to him, Xiaomi cannot make all these products themselves and that is why they created Mi Ecosystem as a sub-brand. The ‘Ecosystem’ is like a constellation of companies where there are individual efforts of about 55 companies making things like Wifi routers, water purifiers, smart LED bulbs, smart washing machines, rice cookers, power banks, android media players, home automation products and robotic vacuum cleaners. The Mi Air purifier is a product that occupies very less space in a room as well as gives a smart look. It can be controlled via Android or iOS apps and can also report back PM2.5 levels to you through the app and even notifies the controller the time to change the filter.

Hugo said, “Some of these companies have already been very successful with their own product. The Mi Air Purifier is actually made by one such ecosystem company – China-based Zhimi. There has been a flurry of smart home products but each one of them requires a separate app. The ecosystem approach is very scalable – you will very quickly have so multiple products that are actually ‘smart’, in a way that’s relevant for you. And the Mi Home app can be the centralized hub that controls all of these devices. This air purifier is a first step and it’s a lot more than just a smart home product. It’s about a pretty severe pollution problem – something that we want to help tackle. We live it day-to-day ourselves and it’s a problem that is serious but not perceived as urgent. It should be!”

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