DoT Conducts Tests To Check EMF Radiation In Madhya Pradesh


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently conducted tests for checking electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation from telecom towers in Madhya Pradesh. The test results found the radiation levels to be under control in the 70,000 towers tested. As per government policy, 10 per cent of all telecom towers were tested. There were 70,000 base transceiver stations (BTSs) in Madhya Pradesh. In Bhopal alone, there were 7,200 BTSs along with 1,900 towers. In Bhopal, the test percentage was as high as 70 per cent. Given the recent test results, the DoT has clarified that EMF radiation from telecom towers is no longer dangerous for the public at large.

DoT further said that it had been monitoring global developments in this space and had already taken necessary steps. It has adopted stricter norms for safety from EMF radiation and the acceptable transmission limits has been set as per international standards.  As per DoT, currently, Indian standards are 10 times more stringent than over 90 per cent countries in the world. The penalty in case of non compliance of EMF standards is Rs 1,000,000 BTS per service provider.

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