“If your part of the battlefield is covered with thorns, you do not leave you position and go to stand where the ground is good.”

The biggest luxury of life is adversity. Live on your adversities, because it keeps the blaze and battle inside you on a run. This never ending fight of adversity is important because we snap the best when we are challenged and it’s the most factual time to show your most honest abilities and audacity, and to live by your own individual veneer. Adversities brush up the most sincere human out of you. Adversity can be of many kinds, it’s not about finances or food; but it is the adversity of love, attention, care, respect, needfulness, most importantly the social and the moral adversities of life.

Not only the other adversities more damaging than the food and finance, also they are the most necessitated luxuries of life. But there are many examples where people have not agreed to scum to adversities (social and moral) rather they thrived over them. The profound example being; Princes Lady Diana, she filled the vacuum of her marital muddle by working as a big socio-economic ambassador for many countries to promote welfare of under privileged children, her contribution to this world will be unpretentiously great. This was her own adversity, adversity of her own love less life, a life that seemed to have loads of glitz, glare and glamour, but in a true sense, a life of an unwanted veiling bride. But very unfortunately her vacuum fetched welfare for others who needed her and served the same need for her too. This was the love she was looking for in her own life, and when she remained disputed to it, she decided to share it out with this world, those who indeed needed this love of hers’ the most. She’s a true example of adversity won over luxury, her luxurious life with misfortune gave her a chance to fill the vacuum of so many, those were under privileged and needed this love and support.

There are many people who have lived by the adversities in a luxurious way. Adversities can carve a new way of life; it all depends on your own ‘self will’. It’s an option of life, that whether you will stick to all your problems, crib for what you don’t have or will you choose to move on with what is all there. It’s an overview to all what is there in the store and not otherwise. Adversity is almost like handling your kitchen, when you have many mouths to feed, but less to provide, you manage and make the best of the rest. Same goes for a day to day life, when you have no option but to move on. It’s the time when you are pushed against the wall and you have only one option, crash it, thrash it; or just crash and thrash your own self; hence move on, forward.

But, Loser’s who only believe in sobbing and howling over there immature problems, are those who don’t fight for their own good. Basically, they are a special species, they only suffer one adversity in life i.e. attention and for that very attention they keep on pondering over one notion for the rest of their life. Like I have met many people in my life (you must have too), those who will stick to one topic for whole of their life. The topics may vary, for some it’s their husbands, for some its in-laws ONLY, and for few it’s the boss or anything and everything that exists on the face of this earth. No matter what, every discussion ends to one conclusion in their whole big life, My In-Laws, My Husband, My Boss and finally, it’s Me. Some suffer from obsession to a special someone, this special someone is not the mate; it can also be anyone they love to hate, this can be a sister, brother, sister in-law, cousin, neighbor, friend, etc, etc. the Most Important Worthless Person.

Most Important Worthless Person.

You must be wondering why I have mentioned two contrasting word in a same sentence, worthless and important, all because these losers keep on spending their precious and important time on worthless people. Reason behind this fake attention seeking is, that they have not yet met a real adversity and may be this is the reason why they look for people to become an imperative part of their life’s and what they achieve out of it is nothing but Lame (Lime) Light, but that too for a very short time, because authenticity is the only factor that lives for long. And real adversities are always fought back with equal zeal and courage rather than discussing them on long lasting hours of phone calls of the free time.

This reminds me off one lady I happen to meet in my life; she was obsessed about the unfair god, though she pretended to be the most spiritual soul on earth, but kept on cribbing for the unwanted early deaths she saw in her life. Whenever I met her, be it a happy or a sad moment in life she only discussed deaths. And it never got over with discussions, it use to go long on until she cried. This went on for life. It made me realize that people sometimes enjoy the attention we give them when they cry and this undivided attention is the only adversity of their life. I know deaths are heart breaking, but you generally share your sorrows with your own close family and friends and not with everyone you manage to find. Who says life has been fair to him? Every one of us feels unjustified for something or the other in life. But very few of us look for these demeaning ways of attention seeking. This pathetic way of digging up attention was very annoying experience of my whole life, it was in a whole so very annoying for me to realize it within no time, I met her. But she still continues to make a mockery out of it till date. And I only wish that one day she gains some sameness and the world around her will be at peace too.


People don’t trust me when I often say; Adversity is a biggest Luxury, only if you know how to Enjoy it. It is like when you are pushed against a thick wall and you feel that you can’t break through, but that’s not true, there’s no wall that’s unbreakable. It’s only your strapping will that ensures your success. I’ am born to a country that fought its independence on absolute willpower. Right from Rani Laxmi Bai to Subhash Chandra Bose to Bhagat Singh, they all decided our country’s fate. It was because of them that the very stepping stone to freedom was put forward despite so many adversities, for me they are the greatest and the only example of founding luxury over adversity, and they even found the luxury of dying as a freedom fighter rather than dying a death of defeat. More precisely, it’s like when you are pushed against a giant rock, you only have two options, either you break yourself or the wall, better you break this barrier wall to achieve your goal. And while you are trying to break this wall, definitely you’ll get injured and hurt, but these hurts will let you know, that how much potential do you have and also the injured parts of your body will let you know, where you’re weakest and where are you strong. This is in context with the people, as people around us make our body; injured body parts are those people who don’t function i.e. don’t support in the times of need. As we say“prosperity gets followers, adversity distinguishes them”.

And now the most interesting part of adversity is that no matter how adverse your situation is you try hard to keep yourself and others happy anyway and indeed you are challenged to be happy against all odds. And you learn the most important lesson of your life that “if adversity comes, give it a smile, live with it with a smile and it will leave you with a smile in your life.” This is the most precious of all the lessons ever learned in the entire life, because even destiny petrifies a person who faces his problems with great smile on his face. I know someone who lost her husband and only child in Kargil War 1999 (India – Pakistan War) and this was her biggest adversity of emotional life, but she filled her life with so many other things that today she doesn’t need people but people need her more. And she is my true inspiration for this topic; she inspired me to let people know that there is life beyond adversities if taken in a positive way. She stood by herself seeking no strength from others as this is the only way to live and she taught me the true meaning behind the luxury of adversities. When you make your own adversities your biggest luxuries ever. Having no absolute family around her, but today she has more than thousands of people as family to her (though no one will ever replace her own family). But it’s far easier to live a life with people around than living alone.

It is estimated that millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by the squirrels

Who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.

Do good and forget.

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