Khao Meethe Ya Khatte – Karare Golgappe!


Be aware of the hunger pangs once you begin with one.The taste resides typically on the street side. It will satisfy both the Chat-Pata and the meetha flavor.

Also,it ‘s crazy and ultimate zip liping variations are available.

The making of it is unique.

This is just another cute shell punctured from beneath. It is stuffed with the mix of potatoes and is served with the delicious sour tamarind water.

Let me tell you,this dish is a small packet with big blast. It is small enough to be eaten whole yet manages to give you a frantic journey of tastes.

A ‘caffeine-free stimulant’ to break off your sleep

A plate of pani puri is all you need

Yes,we share a sweet and sour relation.

Tell me how many puchka’s can you eat at a time ?

So Without any fault, do consider taking a hault.

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