They are meant to be there. It’s a life full of mistakes and errors. A life of mistakes and errors keep on assuring us that we are growing, because if we are not making mistakes, it means we are not doing anything at all and if we do, we do make mistakes. No man has ever existed on this earth without failing ones at least. It’s not a Hollywood or a Bollywood film where I can claim being a lawyer that I have ‘not lost a single case ever in my career of 40 long years. Rather we do make mistakes and gradually learn from them. Its life, as real and as close as our skin to us, beyond 70mm, its reality where you fail, fails to succeed. I truly believe that success comes to those who fail and failure always zeros’ at a regret. It’s a full circle of life once again, where we know that when we fail, we need to know about where I went wrong and for a moment I need to regret too; because one chance of achieving my goal this very time is been lost forever. But regret should not extend to repentance. Repentance is something that’s way too beyond regret, I may regret my actions but I shall not repent. Life is all about making mistakes but still looking forward, why? This is because nature made us this way, we have eyes to look forward and not behind, nature gave us eyes in front because it does expects us to do it this way, and if we don’t we are behind the many who look forward.

Even the dictionary meaning of regret is disappointment rather on the other hand where we use repent as almost a synonym to regret, repent stands for being sorry. Therefore we all can have as many as disappointments in life but we shall never fall for the loop of repentance. Feeling of self pity and sorry is almost like self killing. If you regret something, i.e. if you are disappointed about something you shall simply just try and change it forever. Make disappointments your daily dose of life, because they just keep coming in unwanted and uncalled for; and unquestionably you don’t want to kill yourself every day neither is that you can do it every day. It’s like if I’m disappointed with the kind of a preparation of a particular dish at a restaurant then I shall order something else. Yah! It’s actually that easy. I can’t have a feeling of sorry for ordering a wrong dish for the whole night; I have to give myself another chance, so I order something that makes my meal rather satisfactory and wonderful than ugly. Being resentful for ordering something wrong will severe your regret and will take you to the pit fall of repentance. Here in my above example the dish is your decision you keep making in life, your wrong dish or feeling of abhorrence for the dish is nothing but your life’s failing or an already failed plan. So, when one plan fails, quickly pick on another so that you don’t dive into the sea of repentance.

Life has never been a cake walk, even where it seems to be. Sometimes we admire some people when we see or hear about their easy cake walk lives. But nowhere on this planet called earth there can be an easy life; what is there is smooth life. What seems to be a Smooth life is not necessarily a life of a King or a Queen, rather a life where you do have the valleys and peaks but what you feel all over is plain. This feeling of plain is because of the sheer courage and strength you exploit to explore your horizons and the most importantly exploiting your regrets; why? This is because very few of us realise that if we have the baggage of regrets then we will definitely fall face down, in life and science it’s always easy to be less burdened while climbing up. Exploiting your regrets means learning from them. The lesser the baggage of regrets is the easier the journey of life becomes. All of us have made mistakes but this surely does not mean that we shall carry them for life. It’s like reading a book of knowledge and keeping it with you for life to prove to the world that you have read it. Books are the way of learning. This does not mean that you shall always carry it off with you, since following it will indisputably prove your skill and knowledge about it. Hence, when you have regrets, you definitely have something to learn out of it and ones you have learned it shall remain with you for life as a learning lesson. If this example has to be explained, people with the tendency of discussing their mistakes are the one who keep the books with them during the travel without learning what the book teaches or preaches, the species that can go lengths to discuss the moral but will hardly follow; i.e. they keep the book with them and increase their baggage and feels unjustified of being burdened by life and the more you are burdened, further difficult the journey becomes. On the other hand, the one who learn from the book are the one who will not carry this unwanted book as a burden on shoulders, because they have it in their action, mind and thoughts. Lesser the burden makes easier, alleviated and effortless the journey called life.

So by now I hope that I have been able to convince you that regrets are nothing but a learning lesson, ones learned, should be thrown out of the window. As keeping them for life is a foolish act; for the reason that anything and everything in life comes with an expiry date, so as we as individuals. So you shall bid a bye to regrets as and when required, the way you flush your stinking evidences of your bathroom crime every morning, so shall you flush your regrets every time they slither in your life. For almost 18 good years I never had any regrets in my life and I was proud of this fact, because I had a misconception of leading a perfect life. But the day I decided to leave my home and study in another state, regrets crept in, though in the form of small little problems like missing my family, my friends, my home and the very delicious homemade food. Because when I decided to study outside my town, my loving father couldn’t take this decision of mine and we ended putting up a big fight. He thought that I won’t be able to survive in this big bad world and he tried all his force and lines of attack but I was adamant and I went. Realising my first ever mistake of missing my family made me realise that I was growing. I was here in this great institution for making my life worth. And in return the sacrifice was to miss the family and home; and the challenge of still making your ways out of it. It was because of a perfect family that I could never out grow to make mistakes and learn through regrets. As I told you above my father was a possessive father who never ever wanted his children to suffer regrets of this world. It was his sheer love and obsession that we never encountered any harm or mistakes. The misconception-al perfect life was all given to us (me and my sister) out of him; he protected us from all ends making us go through no harms and regrets. We never even got a bicycle to ride because he never wanted us to hurt ourselves in any possible way. Therefore, the first regret in my life was not grave but funny; I regretted my decision of studying outside my state, as I missed my family, every day I cried on phone but thankfully never returned back. But this was the beginning, I learned regrets have deeper meaning than they appeared to be, I learned that all after I really made blunders. But this Catalogue of blunders is still my backbone of experiences what I admire and keep in my hidden closet (mind/brain); it is because of them that I tremendously learned about life. And today my regret of learning outside my state paid so much in my life.

So now when you have a bad day or a bad experience; enjoy the regret you do because one day it will be there in your list of experiences and not regrets. Enjoy your each moment of stress you face because this stress and tension will guide you to your path; it’s like a saying “We will appreciate the rising sun, if only we have waited long in the darkness”. The darkness of regret will always give you a beautiful sun rise of knowledge and learning if only you dare allow yourself to walk out of your own tunnel of repentance.

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