The Weight Of Choice

It was too late to feel sorry nowhe thought to himself. What she had gone and done was unforgivable. No, he will never forget it.

“Dad, please listen to me, please!”
“No! What you have done is against the culture and norms of the society we live in.”

She started crying profusely. It shouldn’t be like that. He was her dad. At least he should understand. Why was he so hell bent on getting her to be with that boy when she found happiness being with someone else. She searched but couldn’t find any reason why it would be so. There was not a single thing different between the two except that she loved one and not the other.

She remembered, when she was little, no matter what the reason would have been, if there was a tear in her eye, her dad would be the one to comfort her. Now, he is the reason she is crying.

WHY!? Why wouldn’t he accept the man she fell for? Why?

And then it dawned on her- because SHE had chosen that man.

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