You are Blessed to Have a Daughter

Wao! Being a daughter often I see and read stuff that keeps on appreciating daughters and girls for the love and care they be store up on their families and friends. But have we ever wondered why?

The problem is with our upbringing. When our boys are born we raise them like Kings in the house, sometimes we spoil them to a level that we cannot handle their tantrums and it suffocates us. End result; when your boy is 20 he stops listening to you. Despite requests he lives his own King Size life. Because by now he is at his own. He decides what he shall eat, what he shall wear and finally who shall he marry. Im not questioning his liberty but for god sake you dint raise him right how can you be sure about his decisions. And then for life parents of the boy follow all what Raja Ji says.Yes. The parents for life become their servants. Boys don’t treat them right because when parents were supposed to scold they were busy pampering Rajaji.

On the other hand when the girl is born we try and make her understand life, we tell her to be skilled well versed in all kind of odd jobs and we make her independent; to top it all we make her respect and love all. She is often brought up as the care’er of the house and the household. She is taught to be emotional and caring. She is brought up as a bird with wings but roots at her feet. She is pampered but often notified that this shall be carried forward. She is loved and nurtured but taught to be the giver. She becomes the epitome of the one that was brought right.

This is the reason why nowadays people love their daughters n why daughters love their parents because they are the one brought up right. Because you taught them to be right. If you ever find a fault in your children; first look into yourself, introspect, see where you went wrong. Its about your upbringing that makes or breaks them. Your child is your reflection. They will do what you have done to them. They will replicate your past in your future. If tomorrow your son is not respecting you, go look back and see when did you scold your mother? Your child is your mirror image, he will do as he is taught and as he has seen. So be a good example.

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