Shaping Through Love

“Do you love me Mark?”
“Yes! I do.”

The sun blazed outside the four walls they were captured in. The coolant was working itself up and the air conditioner gave a low white noise. The birds chirped at a distance but the sound was still unheard for it died too easy in the warm gust of the summer.

She looked at him graciously with eyes of pity and care. Oh! How he seemed so innocent compared to the sun choking the passersby showing off its hard won fiery breath, one that made everyone sweat.

But that was not it. It was too much for her. Coming down here every alternate day was now a ritual that had started to its toil on her. He had to understand it. Today, she decided, she would make it clear to him once and for all that she did not like it.

“Mark, but I do not love you the way you are now. The way you acted today was completely out of order. And if this goes on, I won’t be able to go on!”

His eyes started getting all watery. It was a clear cut indication that she had reached across to him. The principal looked on the mother-son duo, like he had in his past 20 years of service to the school, still admiring the way that love can shape.

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