50 Crores People Use OK Google

50 Crores People Use OK Google

Google has revealed that 50 Crores smart phone users use OK Google – The most popular service by Google Assistant. Google’s Android operating system runs on approximately 250 Crores devices.

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For the tech giants, voice is the latest frontier for pulling people into their ecosystems, collecting data on them and then selling services or advertising based on that information. As smartphone growth wanes, voice assistants become more important.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google and rivals have been under fire for privacy when it comes to this new technology. The companies often use human contractors to transcribe audio clips from people’s requests as a way to improve the quality of the Artificial Intelligence algorithms. But consumers weren’t always aware.

Workers who did the listening recounted hearing all kinds of personal information, including home addresses and intimate conversations.

As part of its announcement, Google said it was adding more privacy and security features for the Assistant.

Users have to opt-in to let Google keep any voice recordings made by the device, and now they can directly tell it to delete something that might inadvertently have been picked up by saying “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you,” or “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you this week.”

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