Airtel Broadband Now Ranks 3rd, JioFiber Has Taken 4th Position

Airtel Broadband Now Ranks 3rd, JioFiber Has Taken 4th Position

As per Netflix ISP Current Index, JioFiber service is slowly coming down & it’s present rank is 4, whereas Airtel Broadband is performing better than other service providers & it has taken 3rd position.

Netflix’s report very accurately traces wired broadband service providers and the speeds which they provide to their subscribers.

Earlier, JioFiber slipped to the third position in the month of June, 2019 as Spectranet also climbed higher than JioFiber indicating that a lot more subscribers were signing up for the service and likely dividing the bandwidth. The overall speed which Reliance Jio provides as part of its JioFiber service might have seen a deterioration.

Airtel Broadband Now Ranks Third

What’s also interesting to note is that Reliance JioFiber also had the worst slump in the index score between the months of July to August. Until now, the JioFiber index was slowly coming down from its top score of 3.64, but between July and August, the telco’s index fell from 3.5 to 3.17, which is a very sharp decline. However, the telecom operator was not alone as other broadband service providers went through a similar decline. But, this surely gave the edge to Airtel broadband as it was able to hold ground and managed to peg an index of 3.21 by the end of August. In the previous month, Airtel Broadband had an index of 3.4.

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