Android 10 Brings Security Upgrades for Android TV

Android 10 Brings Security Upgrades for Android TV

Google has officially announced the launch of Android 10 for Android TV which brings high level performance & security updates.

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Android 10 for Android TV Improvements

Google will bring faster updates and more secure storage with encrypted user data. TLS 1.3 by default also brings better performance benefits and is up to date with the TLS standard. In addition, Android 10 includes hardening for several security-critical areas of the platform. It seems that the wait for Android 10 on TVs is finally over for the viewers. Now, before you get ahead of yourselves, it is worth noting that the Android 10 for TVs does not bring any substantial interface-level changes that would catch the eye of the viewers or bring any major changes to the UI of your TV.

The main changes that Android 10 brings for Android TV-based devices are on the backend. Some of these changes include key performance and security updates and API level 29. Also, for the developers who work on Android TV, there is a new dongle called ADT 3.

Google Brings ADT3 for Developers to Test Android TV Apps

Google has added that the ADT3 will be its new streaming dongle which will run the latest Android TV software. This dongle comes with quad-core Cortex-A53 SoC, paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. It also comes with a 4Kp60 HDR HDMI 2.1 output.

ADT3 stick from Google would be a step up over the ADT2 OTT HDMI stick which Google had launched last year for developers. Similarly, the ADT3 would be meant for development purposes only. Also, according to a roadmap charted out by XDADevelopers, Google might have some big plans for next year, wherein it might launch a “hero” device to bring smart home experience to the people. Not only this, but Google might also bring the Stadia integration to Android TV to increase the uptake for Android TV.

New Android TV Version Update Schedule

Since Google hasn’t currently rolled out a schedule, the OEMs will be the one to roll out these updates to the users at their own timelines. It is also worth noting that since there is a lack of support for the Nexus Player, the users will have to wait for the Nvidia Shield TV to experience the changes.

As for the pricing and the availability of this new dongle, Google has said that this device would be available for purchase from an unspecified developer in the coming months. Also, Google has not revealed any details about the pricing of this dongle.

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