Bharti Airtel May Beat Jio by Rolling Out VoWi-Fi Service

Bharti Airtel May Beat Jio by Rolling Out VoWi-Fi Service

Bharti Airtel has started testing the Voice over Wi-Fi technology on select smartphones in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Pondicherry & other cities.

VoWi-Fi technology can facilitate high-quality voice calls. Bharti Airtel is testing this technology on some new phones.  VoWi-Fi technology carries it over a Wi-Fi network hence making the cellular network available in places where there is poor cellular connectivity.

Airtel VoWi-Fi Technology Available on OnePlus 7T

Currently, other over the top applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. offer calling over the internet, but the catch with these applications is that the call should be made from the app itself and it can’t be done from the traditional Phone app of your device. This is where the VoWi-Fi technology differs as it can facilitate calls over the Wi-Fi network through the Dialer app only. Earlier, Reliance Jio testing the VoWi-Fi technology on some models of Apple iPhone after the technology was approved by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). But, now Bharti Airtel is also on the task of testing the VoWi-Fi services on some of the new devices. The Airtel VoWi-Fi testing was latest seen on the newly launched OnePlus 7T.

VoWi-Fi Features: How Will It Work?

If you have OnePlus 7T smartphone with Airtel 4G SIM, then you should definitely try this service to test it out. To do that, you will have to go to an area where the service is being tested right now. When you are in the proximity of a Wi-Fi network which allows you to make calls over the network, you will be able to see an icon which denotes the VoWi-Fi service. The VoWi-Fi icon would be visible near the signal indicators in the Quick Settings toggles. You will also be able to select which form of calling you would like to prioritize, Voice over Cellular Network and VoWi-Fi.

If you choose the latter option, then you would be able to see the text “Calling via WiFi call Airtel”, when you make a call. In case you are moving through the network and sometime beyond the Wi-Fi network, then the call will be carried over to the VoLTE network without a drop in the call. It is also worth noting that when you are using Wi-Fi for different purposes and taking too much bandwidth, then the VoWi-Fi icon will disappear signalling that the VoWi-Fi service is not available right now.

Airtel Testing VoWi-Fi on iPhone

Also, it is interesting to note that OnePlus 7T is not the only device on which Bharti Airtel is testing the VoWi-Fi service, but the telecom operator has been seen testing it on iPhone as well. On iPhone as the option is available a toggle which can be turned on or off.

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