Bosch’s AVIOTEC IP Starlight 8000 Provides Early Detection Of Smoke

Bosch’s AVIOTEC IP Starlight 8000 Provides Early Detection Of Smoke

Bosch’s Video based Fire Detection solution AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 can now also be used in tunnels to ensure reliable and early detection of smoke and flames. Therefore, it is a quick and cost-effective addition to the linear heat detectors commonly used, which react only to noticeable increases in temperature and are unable to detect smoke either.

In addition, the viewing of incidents also enables immediate verification of alarms and is a valuable aid for the emergency services. The new version of AVIOTEC is based on smoke and flames detection algorithms specially developed for use in tunnels, which have been optimized in comprehensive tests in real environments.

Video Based Fire Detection

For use in tunnels, Bosch has also more than doubled the detection range from 50 to over 100 meters by using new lenses. This corresponds to the usual distance between cameras for video surveillance in such environments.

Thus, AVIOTEC allows the same cameras to be used for video surveillance as well as fire detection and thereby reduces investments and operating expenses. In such scenarios, video surveillance also benefits from the intelligent video analysis in the cameras. By continuously tracking movement curves, they can automatically detect stationary vehicles as well as drivers driving the wrong way or people on the road.

Improving Early Fire & Flame Detection

As with the detection of smoke or flames, a message is also generated in these cases so that the safety personnel can immediately take appropriate measures and minimize the risk of an accident. Intelligent video analysis is implemented in the cameras themselves and therefore does not require a central server.

AVIOTEC also records machine searchable metadata of all scenes, thus enabling very rapid forensics when investigating the cause of a fire or an accident.

AVIOTEC is suitable to improve early fire and flame detection in almost every building with large dimensions as it avoids the need of smoke or heat to migrate to the sensor. It can be used in large warehouses, extensive shopping centers, generator halls and similar structures.

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