BSNL Will Deploy More Than 60,000 4G Mobile Sites in 2020

BSNL Will Deploy More Than 60,000 4G Mobile Sites in 2020

BSNL has received a revival package from the Government with bond raise worth Rs 15,000 Crore, VRS scheme & 4G spectrum allocation.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been its lack of 4G sites in all over India. The Government led telecom operator has been lagging behind the private telcos whilst dragging its financially burdened balance sheet in the industry and the major reason for its troubles has been the sparse 4G network. But, slowly things are about to change as the revival plan for MTNL & BSNL has been set in motion. With the help from the Government and new VRS schemes and other attempts, BSNL will get back on its track and most importantly will start deploying 4G network throughout the country. BSNL official remarked that the telecom operator has planned to install 60,000 4G mobile sites throughout the country with an estimated cost of up to Rs 72,000 crore. When this goes through, BSNL will have a massive 4G presence which it has been missing since long.

BSNL has already deployed 10,000 4G mobile sites across many states including Kerala, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. BSNL now also plans to activate all of these sites in one and a half month. BSNL was slowly working on converting its 3G spectrum for usage on the 4G network. The telco had deployed around 7,500 mobile sites and was slowly extending the number of these sites by phasing out the 3G network and introducing 4G mobile sites in these regions. BSNL Chairman and Managing Director, PK Purwar said that in the first phase, BSNL would roll out 60,000 mobile sites for 4G services across India in the next 1 year. He also noted that these sites would be set up in cities where there are a lot of 4G phone users, and the customer base of BSNL is also appreciable.

MTNL & BSNL to Undergo Merger

The Government has approved the revival package for BSNL & MTNL. Both the companies will undergo a merger, and they will raise Rs 15,000 crore in sovereign bonds. This capital raise would help the two companies in meeting their immediate capital requirements. But, this is not the only thing that the two companies would be getting as part of their revival plan. The telco would also get 4G spectrum which would be administratively allocated and would be worth Rs 20,140 crore along with a VRS package which would amount to Rs 29,937 crore with Rs 3,674 crore for goods and services tax that will be levied on the allocation of radio waves.

Telecom Secretary, Anshu Prakash has said that MTNL & BSNL would get the 4G spectrum within a month to start their 4G plans.

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