Artificial Intelligence Is Expanding Rapidly

Artificial Intelligence Is Expanding Rapidly

To make a smart world we need to develop different communication solutions, so that we can maintain a high level of knowledge and face various challenging issues. This would be an important part of the country’s development.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) operator can answer a wide range of inquiries by a customer and if the customer decides to speak with a human operator the AI connects him with the human operator and it becomes an avatar reflecting the human operator’s speech and even movement of the body.

Artificial Intelligence Is Expanding Rapidly & Creating Innovation All Over The World

For example, to develop the agriculture industry we can use Artificial Intelligence to get better crops and reduce the time of production process. Such as latest AI service titled “Takumi Eyes” can track a person through multiple cameras.

In this technology, we can use only two photos, one of the face and one of the whole body person to be able to track a person through all these cameras. So even if he is filmed from behind and his face was covered we can still detect him. Although these technologies are widely useful for security purposes, they are also implemented in sports to give viewers a new level of experience.

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