Discovery Launches B2C Food Network Kitchen

Discovery Launches B2C Food Network Kitchen

Discovery is launching Food Network Kitchen in USA, a direct to consumer product with proprietary streaming technology offering consumers live, interactive cooking instruction.

The announcement includes a collaboration between Discovery & Amazon to offer Food Network Kitchen through Amazon Alexa and Echo Show, Fire Tablets, Fire TV streaming media devices and Fire TV Edition Smart TVs.

Subscription price is fixed at $6.99 per month which will let subscribers order ingredients for specific recipes from online grocery services and it will add a 24-hour support / helpline for subscribers to get tips and tricks from live experts.

Food Network Kitchen will be launched in the last week of October 2019 in United States. It will be available across iOS (iPhone and iPad) & Android mobile devices. Food Network Kitchen will roll out across additional platforms and devices in 2020.

Food Network Kitchen brings the top chefs in the world directly to consumers kitchens through live interactive cooking classes, e-commerce transactions and the richest culinary media ecosystem in the world.

Food Network Kitchen’s proprietary streaming technology and foundational partnership with Amazon is a unique  product which will make customers’ lives better.  Food Network Kitchen will offer 25 weekly live classes with five daily live classes on weekends. In addition, Food Network Kitchen will also offer over 800 on-demand cooking classes & 3,000 instructional videos with chefs providing a deep experience for consumers. On-demand lessons will be updated daily.

Food Network Kitchen is an interactive culinary experience that will improve people’s lives. This will change the way people cook by giving them direct access to their favorite chefs, the convenience of expert instruction and the skills they need to be more confident in the kitchen.

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