Google Confirms Malware Detected In Camera App Of Android Phones

Google Confirms Malware Detected In Camera App Of Android Phones

Android Users Beware!!

Your Camera App is taking photos, videos secretly due to security flaw; many people have been affected.

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After Whatsapp confirming that its users have been victims of the extremely dangerous Pegasus malware, Google has confirmed that many Lakhs of people have been affected by another virus that has attacked Android phones.

This virus has affected the Camera App of Android phones, enabling apps to record videos and click photos as well. The news of the virus has been conveyed to Google, who backed up the claim.

How was this malware detected?

A vulnerability (CVE-2019-2234) was detected in the Android camera app that enabled rogue apps to record videos and click photographs on the phone even if it is locked. The app could also obtain input from GPS location data remotely.

This malware is an easy way for an attacker to take charge of smartphone camera apps and thus be able to click pictures, record videos, identify your location. It can also record your phone call conversations as you put your phone to your ear. All of this spying is done in the background and discreetly without any notice to you.

A malicious app running on an Android smartphone that can read the SD card not only has access to past photos and videos, but with this new attack methodology, can be directed to take new photos and videos at will.

This vulnerability was initially detected by the security research team at Checkmarx and was immediately conveyed to Google by Security researcher Erez Yalon. Yalon used the Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 smartphones to perform tests and validate their claims.

Google & Samsung Smartphones Affected mostly

In addition to other Android smartphone companies, this malware was found prominently in Google & Samsung make smartphones.

Erez Yalon, director of security research at Checkmarx said, “Our team found a way of manipulating specific actions and intents making it possible for any application, without specific permissions, to control the Google Camera app. This same technique also applied to Samsung’s Camera app.”

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