GramNet to Connect All Villages Through Wi-Fi Soon

GramNet to Connect All Villages Through Wi-Fi Soon

The Government of India will provide Wi-Fi in all villages through GramNet with 10mbps to 100 mbps speed. Minister of State for Communications Shree Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre said BharatNet will provide 1 GBPS (equal to 1000 Mbps) connectivity, which can be expanded up to 10 GBPS.

The Government run Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) launched new products of C-DOT- XGSPON, C-Sat-Fi & CiSTB C-DOT. 

Sanjay ji said that C-Sat-Fi technology of C-DOT will empower Indian people, especially in rural and remote areas, as telephone and Wi-Fi facilities will be available in all corners of the country on any mobile phone. He said the new technology will bring people in remote areas to the mainstream by connecting them through satellites, where fiber is difficult to be laid and internet is not available.


C-Sat-Fi (C-DOT Satellite WiFi) is based on the optimal utilisation of wireless and satellite communication to extend connectivity to the unserved areas including the remote islands and difficult terrains. Besides offering the ease of deployment, the solution is suited to addressing disasters and emergencies when no other means of communication are available. This cost effective solution does not require the expensive satellite phones and can work on any WiFi-enabled phone.

Similarly, C-DOT’s XGSPON (10 G Symmetrical Passive Optical Network) is an effective solution to fulfill the rapidly increasing demands of high network speeds emanating from the new dimensions of user applications such as IPTV, HD video streaming, online gaming and host of other cloud-based services that necessitate the seamless availability of high bandwidth.

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