I&B Ministry Recommends Some Changes to Cable TV Act

I&B Ministry Recommends Some Changes to Cable TV Act

The Union Ministry for Information & Broadcasting has proposed changes to the Cable Television Act which would not only increases much penalty for violation of the programming or advertising codes, it also brings more services under circumference of the I&B Ministry as there were earlier.

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Some of the most significant changes to the exiting Cable TV Act include changing the punishment for violation of either the Programming Code of the Advertising Code proscribed.

It has increased the fine for the first offence from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000, along with a two-year term, fifty thousand from five thousand with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 5 years earlier.

According to draft changes to the Cable TV Act, the I&B ministry has defined Ground Based Channels, Platform Services, which had come under the lime light after NaMo TV was found to be beyond the regulatory purview during general elections and Satellite TV channels and had defined, Distribution Platform Operators, DTH, Headend-in-the-Sky, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Local Cable Operators, and Multi System Operators. Also, Ground-Based Channels, Platform Services and Satellite TV channels have also been defined.

The proposed law mentions that any violation of the two codes could lead to either issuing advisory or warning, prohibition of transmission of offending programme, apology scroll specifying the date and time or prohibition of transmission of the channel for a period not exceeding thirty days otherwise, in the Central Government may cancel the permission granted to the channel after giving due opportunity to the channel” provided, it states, that no such action shall be taken without giving the Broadcaster/ DPO/ Cable Operator an opportunity of being heard.

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