Indian Railways New Electric Engine Will Create 10,000 Jobs

Indian Railways New Electric Engine Will Create 10,000 Jobs

Indian Railways has been walking hand in hand with technological advancements and will soon employ some great powerful engines that will be delivered by French rolling stock manufacturer Alstom.

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Indian Railways has been planning to go fully electric by 2020 and will also be the first country in the world to be one and this is one step forward that the national transporter has taken.

There will be a new unit set up in Madhepura, Bihar that will manufacture about 120 locomotives per year, and has been estimated to open up about 10,000 direct and indirect jobs in India.

Indian Railways said, ater test and trials, Alstom will accelerate the delivery schedule and supply 10 locomotives in FY2019-20 and 90 locomotives in FY20-21 and 100 locomotives per year beyond March 2021 as per their recovery plan.

For this project, the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects of Railways, the Ministry of Railways & Alstom have collaborated, way back in 2015. They have also signed an agreement worth Rs. 350 Crores and as per this agreement, about 800 electric locomotives will be manufactured for freight services and maintenance related.

This all powerful electric locomotive will probably be a great and revolutionary advancement in the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) of Indian Railways. The primary reason behind this is that it will make the transport of heavier freight trains faster and safer.

This locomotive has been planned to be applied in the DFC, in order to get goods, especially coal and iron ore, transported faster than usual. Additionally, the operational costs of the railways will also be reduced and so will the congestion.

This new electric locomotive is set to be extremely powerful and will definitely cause a disruption in the Indian Railways’ old procedures of transporting freight. As per reports, the new locomotive will be powerful enough to move around 6000 trains at a speed of 100 kmph maximum.

As per reports, Rs. 2000 crores and more have already been invested in the project and one maintenance spot has already been set up in Saharanpur. Also, there is another one in progress at Nagpur.

Also, more than 300 engineers from India and France have been employed for this project, who will work in Bengaluru, Madhepura and France. In about 2 years, more than 90% of the parts have been planned to be manufactured in India.

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