Investments in Cable TV Advertisement to Touch Rs 300 Crore Annually

Investments in Cable TV Advertisement to Touch Rs 300 Crore Annually

Post New Tariff Order, cable channels reach all households and promises 100 per cent reach. Cable TVs now have channels in separate genres like movies, news, music, devotional and each of them have brands using them for advertising based on their product category.

Cable TV ads are growing at the rate of 30-35 per cent annually. Cable TV networks across the country have reaped the benefits of this growth. Cable industry, with its geo-targeted channel offerings, has now re-positioned itself as a narrow cast platform. Channels such as Abs Marathi, Majha Maharashtra, Samarth Movies, Awaaz TV, Abs Movies, Rangmanch, Aye Vision, Spn Digital, G News, GSN, Kgn Movies, Malwan Digital have come to the forefront as big Cable TV networks.

By Advertising on Cable TV, brands can go to smaller markets and target them separately. Advertisers can now segregate choices at towns, district, socio cultural region, urban, rural and state levels. Advertising in regional language is another advantage of Cable TV as it establishes a greater connect with the audience. The shift from analog has resulted in bandwidth increase and has also seen the quality of content go up on Cable TV, making the platform a lucrative one for large players.

E-commerce giants have realised the potential of Cable TV and its reach of 120 million households and are spending on the medium to attract their target audience at various levels. Brands such as Flipkart, Ola and PhonePe are heavily active on cable TVs. With big brands entering the medium post digitisation, Cable TV industry, as per industry estimates, is seeing ad spends of at least Rs 200 crore annually.

The ad slot rates at the district level are between Rs20/10 seconds and Rs30/10 seconds, at the socio cultural region level, the rates go up to between Rs200/10 seconds and Rs300/10 seconds, whereas at the state level, the rates are higher and stand at Rs1000/10 seconds-Rs1200/10 seconds.

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