Lenovo to Sell Smart Clock, Smart Display in India

Lenovo to Sell Smart Clock, Smart Display in India

Lenovo announced its foray into the smart home space in India, with plans of selling Lenovo Smart Clock & Smart Display in India. The Lenovo Smart Clock and Smart Display will be available from 28 August, 2019, with prices starting at 5,999 and 14,999, respectively.

The products have been launched on the day, Google announced its Nest Hub smart display in the country. The Lenovo products have almost the same functions and run on Google Assistant built inside.

The Smart Clock is essentially a version of the Nest Hub. It displays time, helps set alarms and reminders via voice, and has other voice enabled elements. It also supports Google Cast and will allow users to stream content to their Chromecast or Android TV.

Lenovo also announced the Smart Display with a larger 10 inch screen compared with Smart Clock’s 4-inch screen. The company said this will help in multitasking.

The Smart Display has a large speaker grill under the display, making it better suited for video calls using Google Duo.

Smart displays are also amongst the few products in India, outside Google’s Home devices that use the Google Assistant. They provide an alternative for users who want to be in Google’s ecosystem but do not want the Nest Hub or other Google products.

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