MCOF Says CAF & KYC Should be Localized at LCO level

MCOF Says CAF & KYC Should be Localized at LCO level

Maharashtra Cable Operator’s Foundation has sent notice to TRAI, drawing attention on unethical practices by Multi System Operators (MSOs). 

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MCOF says, Local Cable Operators’ business under threat as Multi System Operators misusing TRAI’s rule.

MCOF proposes TRAI to bring an amendment that CAF & KYC should be localized at Local Cable Operator’s end.

It said in it’s letter, in case of obtaining a Subscriber KYC, MSOs generally discontinue the services & restore the same after verification of Subscriber’s Data through OTP. It may impact on Local Cable Operator’s (LCO’s) income. MSOs can leverage the access to provide broadband over same infra and not pass any share.

MSOs deal with only LCOs on B2B model, so they don’t have no brevity of contract the subscribers.

Since, Local Cable Operators (LCOs) are operating their business & has own infrastructure &  subscribers. So, Multi System Operators (MSOs) should not conduct KYC and collect subscribers’ data – which is against TRAI’s rule. Actually MSO’s business is not under danger  in the absence of CAF & KYC.

So hence, CAF & KYC should be localized at local cable operator’s end.

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