MIB Seeks Affidavit From MSOs For Mandatory Carriage of DD Channels

MIB Seeks Affidavit From MSOs For Mandatory Carriage of DD Channels

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) stated that the carriage of DD channels are mandatory. All MSOs must carry mandatory channels on its network, otherwise authorised officer (DC/DM/SP/SDM/CP) will seize the equipment used for operation of Cable TV network for violation of Section 8 of the Act. However MIB noticed that the same is not being done by several cable operators, which is in contravention of existing rules.

Section 8 of Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act:

Government of India specifies that the names of Doordarshan Channels or the channels operated by or on behalf of Parliament to be mandatory carried by the Cable Operators in their cable service.

So Central Government has decided that an Affidavit must be obtained from all MSOs along with their application  within a stipulated time frame (within one month from the issue of notice) to carry mandatory DD Channels on their TV network. The Affidavit would be on Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/ which will be sworn before Notary (Public) appointed by Central/ State Government.

To View The Circular & Affidavit Issued by Government of India, Please Click Here

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