Mobile Number Portability Processing Time to Get Reduced, New TRAI Norms Come Into Effect on16 December 2019

Mobile Number Portability Processing Time to Get Reduced, New TRAI Norms Come Into Effect on16 December 2019

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) announced the extension of new date to implement revised Mobile Number Portability (MNP) rules to 16th December, 2019. These rules were announced in December last year, alongside other revisions in the Mobile Number Portability (Seventh Amendment) Regulations, 2018 (9 of 2018). While the revisions to ease portability from one operator to another have been finalised, it has taken TRAI over a year to get it implemented. The authority says that the testing process needs to be thoroughly conducted and any issues need to be ironed out, before the new MNP rules come into place.

TRAI has announced that the new MNP rules will come into place on 16 December 2019. These new rules were finalised on 13 December 2018 and these look to enable users to port to a new operator in just 2 days. For inter-circle MNP wherein you are porting your SIM from one circle to another, the process will take 5 days. The new rules were expected to be implemented on 11 November 2019, however an indefinite delay was then imposed.

As mentioned, the delay in implementation of these new MNP rules has been blamed on prolonged testing. TRAI says, as per the discussions taken place during the meetings with Mobile Number Portability Service Providers (MNPSPs) & Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) on 21st October 2019 and 31st October 2019, it is imperative that robust testing of the systems of TSPs and MNPSPs should be completed successfully before migration to the new process so that the subscribers are not inconvenienced due to system related issues.

Currently, telecom operators offer lucrative and ever-changing prepaid plans to their subscribers, often leading to many users wanting to switch. However, the current porting process is quite tedious and takes approx 8 day which is very discouraging. Easing the MNP process is in the best interest of the subscribers and the telecom operators.

For any clarification / information, please contact Shri S. T. Abbas, Advisor (Networks, Spectrum and Licensing) at 23210481, Fax No. +91-11-23232677.

To View The Press Release No: 114 / 2019, Issued by TRAI, Please Click Here

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