Only 213 MSOs Have Website! Is TRAI Thinking For An Audit ?

Only 213 MSOs Have Website!   Is TRAI Thinking For An Audit ?

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is the regulatory body which lays down the Standards of Quality of Service regulations for protecting the interests of subscribers. The network capacity fee (NCF) and channel prices announced by Broadcasters / MSOs & Distributors as per the TRAI’s new guidelines could increase the monthly bill of most subscribers of television channels.

Presently there are approximate 1.5 Million TV Viewers / Subscribers. These subscribers are not able to take full advantage of Best Fit Plan. MSOs are providing them their choice of channels on a daily basis probably because these Service Providers / MSOs are not able to load desired channels possibly due to large number of subscribers.

All TV Viewers / Subscribers need a different Digital Platform for more convenient and better experience

As per recent survey, it is found that out of 1469 MSO’s listed , only 213 of them have websites, and a handful of them only have Mobile App. So TV Viewers / Subscribers are possibly not much aware of the channel pack pricing plan.

Mobile Apps or Website of all MSOs to highlight various channel packages, Best Fit plan, Number of Free to Air Channels available etc. will add more convenience for these TV Viewers / Subscribers.

A Website or Mobile App can help MSOs better in Subscribers / TV Viewers engagement.

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app or website is that all the information MSOs wishes to provide to their subscribers / customers like including special tariff rates, promotions through push notifications can easily remind all subscribers about new channels / programs, various offers, packages, products & services etc.

For the convenience and better facilities of the TV Viewers / Subscribers, TRAI also should support an audit.

As TV Viewers & Subscribers don’t have the convenience and facilities, they are migrating to DTH/OTT Platforms, so audit from TRAI may give these Customers / Subscribers more choice and freedom to choose Cable TV, DTH or OTT platforms as they may wish.

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