Now Hindi Language on Google Assistant is Supported by Android TV in India

Now Hindi Language on Google Assistant is Supported by Android TV in India

Recently Google has added Hindi language support for Google Assistant on Android TV enabled smart TVs.

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Google Assistant is getting a new update, particularly with Android TVs. The growing popularity of Android TV in Indian households will be added benefit now as Google is adding support for two more languages, namely Hindi  & Vietnamese.

So if you have an Android TV, you can communicate with it in Hindi language using Google Assistant.

Google Assistant With Hindi Language Support feature was available on smartphones and there’s been a slow, gradual rollout. Now, Hindi language support has been extended to Android TV. The update was revealed on the Google Assistant page which listed out Hindi and Vietnamese as the new supported languages.

Among the list of languages supported, there’s English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish and more. Hindi will be the first Indian regional language added to support Google Assistant. Android TV is a popular home entertainment gadget for numerous reasons. There a wide number of apps for streaming services in India. Android TV devices usually come with built-in Chromecast for casting with compatible devices. The Hindi language support will further add to the capabilities of the Android TV and Google Assistant.

Better Support for Hindi on Smartphones

Not only this but back in September, Google had released another update for Android smartphone users, wherein they could easily change the language in which they interact with the Google Assistant. If the users want to switch to Hindi, then they would have to say, “Okay Google, Hindi Mein bolo simply.” As per Google’s information, the feature is available on Android, Android Go & KaiOS powered devices. There are also more languages which the Google Assistant supports and these Indic languages include Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Urdu and Telugu.

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