Now Save Your Cable TV Bills, Must Know New Cable TV Rules

Now Save Your Cable TV Bills, Must Know New Cable TV Rules

Recently, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued amendment on New Tariff Order (NTO 2.0) for all the Broadcasters, Cable TV, DTH operators to provide 200 Free To Air Channels at Rs 153.

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This revised new tariff order (NTO – 2.0) is set to reduce TV Viewers’ / Subscribers’ monthly Cable TV bills by 15%.

Why NTO 2.0 is better than NTO 1.0 ?

TRAI’s NTO 2.0 will focus on several areas like the reduction of NCF (Network Capacity Fee) for Multi TV users, more Free To Air (FTA) Channels in the initial cost of Rs 130, changes to how channel bouquets and discounts being offered by Broadcasters & Cable TV, DTH operators and more.

The implementation of NTO 2.0 is set to attract users and renew their subscription because the new changes are said to make subscriptions affordable by at least 15%.

One of the major reasons for disappointment from NTO 1.0 were the NCF which is about to change in NTO 2.0. Instead of bringing down the price the TRAI is set to add twice the number of  channels in the initial package at the same rate Rs153 (Rs 130 plus taxes).

The regulator was set to implement NTO 2.0 from 1st March 2020 but the Broadcasters, Cable TV & DTH operators took the matter to court. The final verdict is expected to come on 12th February, 2020.

The Cable TV, DTH operators & Broadcasters like TATA Sky, Dish TV and such may announce their renewed plans on the same day but will be implemented from 1st March, 2020.

The National Tariff Order 1.0 offered just 100 channels at the cost of Rs 130 and including taxes, the charges become Rs 153. After which, subscribers were being charged Rs 23 per month for every additional 25 channels, inclusive of all taxes.

So if the customer chooses any other channel other than FTA channels, he had to buy the channel as a la carte. This annoyed a lot of consumers back then. Consumers were also disappointed by the additional FTA charges.

The active pay DTH user base shot down in second quarter of 2019 as subscribers faced 20% increased TV bills and sub-par implementation of tariff regime from the operators.

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