Now Whatsapp Desktop Version Will Work Without Internet

Now Whatsapp Desktop Version Will Work Without Internet

Whatsapp has been working on a desktop version of the app that would allow users to use the messaging app on a PC without having to connect their phone to the Internet.

WhatsApp released a web version In 2015, wherein you could use Whatsapp exactly in a mirrored way to how you use it on your smartphones, except you’d have to have your phones connected to the internet.

Facebook owned instant messaging company is working on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, along with a new multi-platform system that will let you use Whatsapp on the desktop, even when your phone’s off.

WhatsApp is working on a multi-platform system that would allow users to access their chats and profiles on more than one device with the same account. This multi-platform system will work in synchronization with WhatsApp’s UWP, to offer he standard chat interface on different devices with the same account.

If you give a converging thought into it, this could turn out to be great for Whatsapp, especially with a strong customer base of 1.5 billion active users worldwide.

Whatsapp added a feature called ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’, which will help users edit a sent or received image directly within the WhatsApp media gallery. You can operate it by opening a chat to find an ‘Edit’ option. On Android, the option will be in the menu on the top right corner, while iOS users will find it down below. Notably, the shortcut wouldn’t tamper the original media file but recreate a newly edited version that can directly be sent via Whatsapp. It’ll also not likely bring any new editing features but just usual like crop, add text, and draw doodles.

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