Planetcast Launches New Cloud Platform CLOUD.X TURBO

Planetcast Launches New Cloud Platform CLOUD.X TURBO

Planetcast Media Services launched its brand new cloud platform CLOUD.X TURBO. The Planetcast design team has consolidated the experience of more than two decades of digital media origination in its latest version CLOUD.X TURBO.

CLOUD.X TURBO offers complete visibility of the entire digital media origination process to all the stakeholders in the digital media value chain. CLOUD.X TURBO has developed an intuitive common template that enables users to control storage, media, playlists, graphics, playout and cloud delivery.

Planetcast provides a complete eco-system for Digital Media direct to the customers. The highly sophisticated software product CLOUD.X TURBO is the first on the planet to support live sports TV channels and various other formats for other mobile and device application.

Planetcast Media Services COO Sanjay Duda said, “Our Cloud platform has been designed to help Digital Media transition to the cloud with ease. CLOUD.X TURBO empowers Digital Media and broadcasters to expand into new markets and makes the best use of cloud technology.”

It provides Infrastructure as Services, Platform as Services (cloud playout, cloud OTT, Cloud Recaster) for distribution and service delivery platform specifically designed for Digital Media. Planetcast provides media transits in various formats SDI/ASI, IP, Satellite etc.

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