Policy on Provision of IPTV services Through FTTH / OTT Issued by BSNL

Policy on Provision of IPTV services Through FTTH / OTT Issued by BSNL

BSNL has invited companies to provide IPTV services to it’s customers through Broadband / FTTH / OTT. The eligible companies can tie up or make an agreement with BSNL.  IPTV service provider (IPTSP) can be a technology company who has agreement with registered MSO.

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The IPTV service provider will have to arrange the delivery of digital cable tv channels through FTTH partners or BSNL’s IP Network. The content shall be directly mixed with Internet & Voice traffic at OLTE installed by the FTTH partner.

IPTSP shall integrate its system with BSNL’s CDR system  / VAS provisioning system for exchanging customer profile database who have availed TV service on daily basis.  Since customer experience for TV channels is highly dependent on data latency & throughput, so it is required that the content have to be closest to the customer.

The eligible company should have annual turnover of Rs. 1 crore during  the last financial year in the following areas – Telecom application , IT applications , Content development, content application development.

The company will be required to submit a non-refundable connectivity fee of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs + GST.

To View The Policy on Provision of IPTV services Through FTTH, General Terms & Conditions of Agreement,  Eligibility Criteria, Please Click Here 

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