Reliance Jio is Offering VoWiFi Feature in Few Locations

Reliance Jio is Offering VoWiFi Feature in Few Locations

The Voice over Wi-Fi is a technology which can be of help to the users stuck in situations with poor or no cellular connectivity. In such situations, if the users have a Wi-Fi connection, then they would be able to make a call to anyone in their contact using the Voice over Wi-Fi technology. While the state-led telecom operator has rolled out the BSNL Wings service, the other private telcos, Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have also rolled out the VoWiFi service in a limited manner.

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Reliance Jio VoWiFi Feature in Maharashtra

Reliance Jio VoWiFi feature seems to be available in the Nashik region in the Maharashtra circle. Similar to the Bharti Airtel VoWiFi feature, the Reliance Jio VoWiFi is also available only on select phones. This means that the subscribers of Reliance Jio, who are on specific phones only will only be able to use VoWiFi.

To recall, in the case of Bharti Airtel VoWiFi service, the subscribers had to be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network to be able to access the VoWiFi service on their smartphones, it seems that in the case of Reliance Jio as well, the service will only be available for a select Wi-Fi network which in the case of this screenshot happens to be Reliance JioFiber network. Currently, as per the information available on the matter, Reliance Jio VoWiFi is available in the Nashik region in Maharashtra circle, and it is also on in the Delhi region as well. However, when we tried to access Reliance Jio VoWiFi in Hyderabad, we were unable to do so.

How To Use VoWiFi Service On Your Phone

Step 1: To enable the VoWifi, the subscribers will have to go to the settings section of their phone and then network settings.

Step 2:  Over here, the subscribers will have to turn on VoLTE for their SIM after which they will have to connect to the right Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Once they have done this, the users will be able to see the Voice over Wi-Fi option in their phones which they will be able to toggle on.

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